We welcome member inquiries from all ages and abilities. Offering several membership options, we can tailor your membership to suit your needs. Membership fees at all levels (except Junior Membership) are inclusive of membership to the Windy Hill Venue (Essendon Football Club Social Club). Also note that Membership rates are reviewed at each Annual General Meeting and may vary from year to year.

Essendon Bowls Club welcomes inquiries from the community to become a member of the bowls club. See the membership options listed below and choose one to suit you.

Then to inquire about a membership nomination to join Essendon Bowls Club or to make inquiries about becoming a member contact us today using the “Become a Member” form.


Social Member: currently $30 per person per season

  • Can play semi-regular bowls at times when greens are not required for club use (e.g. Friday afternoons)
  • Enjoy members prices at the bar
  • May upgrade to a transitional or full member at any time
  • Cannot represent Essendon Bowls Club in inter-club competitions (unless by prior arrangement)
  • Cannot participate in Essendon Bowls Club championship events


Full Membership: currently $200 per person per season

  • Enjoy full bowling privileges and representation opportunities at the club (Saturday and/or mid-week pennant competitions, night pennant competition, Essendon RSL on Friday)
  • Entry to Essendon Bowls Club Championship events
  • Entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to nominate for a position as a Director
  • Enjoys member prices at the bar
  • Members over 80 years old are entitled to become a Full Veteran Member (subscription for this is currently $90 per season)
  • Non-bowling member if preferred for this membership


Pennant Member: currently $90 per person per season

  • Applies to bowlers who are full members at another club and play with Essendon Bowls Club in either Saturday or mid-week pennant competitions BUT not both.
  • Applies if a bowler plays:
  • Night Pennant ONLY at Essendon Bowls Club
  • Semi-regular social bowls
  • Applies to Essendon Bowls Club members who play in the Essendon RSL Bowls teams ONLY
  • May upgrade to a full membership at any time
  • Enjoy members prices at the bar
  • Cannot enter or play in club championship event


Junior Member: currently free for initial 3 sessions, then $30 per annum

  • Under 18 years old
  • May represent Essendon Bowls Club in any inter-club competition except for Friday RSL
  • Eligible to enter Essendon Bowls Club Championship events


Have been a member for over 20 years and wouldn’t want to be in any other club. Love the place, love the sport and love the people who make up this wonderful club. Love the forward looking and accommodating nature of the place.

From a long standing member

We all had a great time and are still talking about the night. Thanks again, we’ll be back.

From a Barefoot Bowls Group and Venue Hirer

A great club with a great culture, great facilities and terrific people.

From a participant in regular social bowls competitions

It is a really great venue in a quiet street. One of Essendon’s undiscovered gems.

From a venue hirer

The Essendon Bowls club is the type of place where you can walk in and not having bowled before, join up and have instruction to bowl better then maybe bowl in competitions or just socially bowl and enjoy bowling with your friends.
After bowling you can enjoy a drink at the bar where the staff are friendly and most helpful if you have an enquiry about bowls or any of the social events on offer such as the popular “Music on a Sunday” where the entertainment is of a very high quality. Having been a member at EBC for more than 10 years I can recommend the place as one where the bowling is enjoyable and the social activities are terrific.

From a member of 10 years standing

I’ve been a social member for around 5 years and am very pleased I joined. During that time I have met so many different and really friendly people who have all easily accepted me. Along with all this I have enjoyed many fun Friday evenings social bowling and more recently thanks to Maree and Bowls Vic some Friday mornings actually learning how to bowl followed by a gentle yoga hour.

From a social member

As a young family seeking greater opportunities within bowls, Essendon Bowls Club was able to facilitate my entire family with its junior programs through to Saturday pennant teams.

From a member of 12 months standing who is a father of 2 junior members.